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The Urban Farm is composed of 4 shipping containers, each outfitted with a gourmet mushroom growing system on the inside and growing panels on the outside walls where herbs, lettuces, greens, strawberries, and other small crops are grown. There are lean-to greenhouses attached to the sides of the shipping containers and a central greenhouse that spans the two stacks of shipping containers. The Urban Farm is designed to be constructed very cheaply and quickly by using low-cost shipping containers and standard greenhouse components. A market exists on the bottom floor of the central greenhouse and in one of the bottom containers where customers can purchase the crops grown at the Urban Farm.

An innovative urban farm and market constructed from shipping containers.

The Urban Farm is a completely new approach to farming and food retailing, one that looks for symbiosis within the entire system rather than optimization of individual components. It’s a growing and retailing system designed to provide locally grown food in urban neighborhoods.

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Outdoor salad bar

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organic grocery store
Organic grocer

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Aquaponic Greenhouse

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